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This German classic with its red wine color, combined with those deep dish Borbet wheels and iconic BMW styling makes this car a unique and daily car I love to drive. The lowered suspension, exhaust and original body makes it one the best examples on the market. The subtle styling keeps true to its 1980’s lines too. The Right Hand Drive model sourced from London offers something that would otherwise not be available over here. The effort put into importing all the way from the UK cannot be simple, but Double Mint Imports handled it well I was impressed with their service.

Malik Khan

"Despite looking different in the 80’s, this G-Class has most of the same underpinnings of the current model, which is what I love most about it. The Iconic G-Class was (and still is) built in Austria in the same factory, using mostly the same design. It was incredible to find this example of a RHD model with a few added extras. Its blackout look is the sought after style that owners like me are looking for today. Those custom wheels and straight lines add to the look of the German brands most unusual car and ideal for the look I was going for. Importing from the UK sounds daunting but the process at Double Mint Imports is well taken care of for you."

Don Gabriel

This sporty sedan in Right Hand Drive is a rare model over here. The BMW E39 has a big following, including myself. This freshly imported model is one of the prime examples to grace our US soil, so happy to purchase this. The car is almost original, with that subtle color scheme, set of 90’s wheels and rounded styling of BMWs from that era, except it’s a 523i Manual in RHD!

NJ bmw Euro Spec Driver

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